Zaino Black collection inspired on the visual beauty of melting objects

Linen world, Niro Wang

Project inspired on Sorrollas's paintings, an impressionist artist.


Project based on tailoring technics, inspired by the idea of a homeless person carrying all their belongings.

Layers, Chalayan

Project inspired on Hussein Chalayan work, focusing on transparency and layering

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 18.51.19

Project Collaboration with embroidery designers


Project inspired on the work of the Antwerp six and the reinterpretation of the straightjacket

Bias Cut

Project inspired on the tuareg tribe using fabric manipulation and bias cut



Zaíno Black is a collection of projects developed by

Zaira A. Cole, a Creative Pattern Cutter.

This collection represents the personal and

professional evolution, through diverse projects.

Zaíno Black aims to create products that will be available to

customers,whilst gaining recognition by showcasing

products at fashion shows, and through social media.



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